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Medical marijuana is a hot topic that is grabbing the attention of several professionals such as doctors, scientists, researchers, lawmakers, and the public.

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Many people have to face some legal actions or arrests if they were found in using medical marijuana. Meanwhile, different countries in the world legalized medical marijuana based on research showing its effectiveness to treat different diseases; the US also formally authorized the use of medical marijuana.

Let’s dig deep into what is medical marijuana and the process for its legal use.

Medical Marijuana

Generally, marijuana refers to the dried leaves, stems, seeds, and flowers from the Cannabis Sativa plants. Marijuana used for medical purposes is a whole, unprocessed plant that contains chemical compounds that may be useful in treating certain diseases.

Basically, a marijuana plant is composed of more than 100 compounds, also called cannabinoids. These cannabinoids have different positive and negative effects on your body. Marijuana plants have two main chemical compounds that are used in the medicinal application:

  • Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC – THC is a psychoactive compound in medical marijuana which means more quantity of this compound can get you high.
  • Cannabidiol, or CBD – CBD is non-psychoactive in nature and will not get you high.

Medical marijuana contains more amount of CBD than THC as compared to other cannabis plants species.

Why use Medical Marijuana?

Your body produces a molecular structure that is the same as CBD and THC and is called endocannabinoids. The purpose of these endocannabinoids is to bind your body’s cannabinoid receptors and responsible for activities like motor functions, immune system, and memory.

Let’s take a look at some medical conditions when the medical marijuana plant can help.

AIDS patients and cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy can treat nausea by taking synthetic versions of THC.

Some diseases like diabetes, spinal cord injuries, and AIDS may cause burning pain in patients’ feet and hands. CBD and THC are found highly effective in such conditions.

US legislation encompassing MMJ

Many states in the US have allowed cannabis and especially medical marijuana. However, the law for legalized use of marijuana medication has been changed. But only a few patients are allowed to use marijuana medication based on certain qualifying conditions.

How to get Medical Marijuana products?

In order to obtain Sarasota marijuana medications, you must meet certain requirements:

  • First, you should be suffering from a disease that allows you to use medical marijuana.
  • Second, an approved physician must recommend medical marijuana to improve your health.
  • Third, you need a card that allows you to purchase from an approved medical marijuana dispensary.
  • Finally, you should make your visit to a licensed dispensary to buy medical marijuana.

Where to Get Medical Marijuana?

If you fulfill the criteria and get a prescription for your medical marijuana, you should make your first visit to buy your prescription from an authorized dispensary. You shall take the prescription and a medical card with you to avoid any unfavorable conditions.

You can get a token or sign in and wait for your turn. Meanwhile, you can have a look at all available medical marijuana products and their prices.

Staff present at the dispensary will help you select the product and complete your transaction after verifying your prescription and medical card.

The Bottom Line:

Research has shown that medical marijuana is effective because it contains CBD and THC compounds, and it is legal to use medical marijuana in certain circumstances with a medical card.

You need to prove yourself an authorized consumer of medical marijuana in physical or online dispensaries, and this medical card is proof. Furthermore, this card will provide you with legal defense against any arrest based on the use of marijuana medication. Best Medical Card provides Sarasota residents with legal, medical marijuana cards issued by certified doctors. Apply for your medical card today and get access to legal marijuana without any fear of penalties.

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