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sample Florida medical marijuana cardA medical marijuana (MMJ) card is a license issued to qualifying patients for specific health conditions that allow them to buy medical marijuana and receive other assistance legally. It is one of the steps taken in the United States to legalize marijuana for medical purposes, as recent studies have shown that weed may help with medical problems like arthritis, chronic pain, anxiety, sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s.

Medical marijuana is available in many forms, such as edibles, tinctures, and lotions, to help manage various health conditions with proper processing and medicinal manufacture. These products are available in the open market; however, the better, more legitimate ones are kept at special dispensaries for qualified patients due to the strength of these products and possible harm to someone without a prescription. These dispensaries are only accessible to citizens who possess a medical marijuana card.

What does the Medical Marijuana Card do?

The MMJ card is basically a certification for your use of cannabis for medical purposes. It extends to but is not limited to possession, growing (in some states), and cultivation. Even if recreational (non-medical) cannabis is legal in your locality, you still have to adhere to strict state rules limiting the procurement, applying a different set of tax laws, and restricting your access to certified professionals for guidance.

The card is a bypass to all of this—citizens who possess the card qualify for special guidance and a more lenient taxation policy. One of the most major add ons perhaps is the accessibility to medical-only dispensaries; pharmacies made solely to cater to the needs of people who require medical marijuana. These dispensaries have products that are otherwise unavailable to recreational users.

Why should you apply for the Medical Marijuana Card?

Possessing an MMJ card offers a wide range of benefits such as;

Better quality cannabis

The first and foremost for a medical user is the availability of high-quality and tested marijuana products. Since marijuana has been certified for medical usage, its cultivation and induction industry has been dramatically scrutinized, and great quality control policies have been implemented. They mostly regulate medical marijuana products and manufacturers, not recreational ones. With an MMJ card, you will be able to obtain the best quality products available.

Low Tax/ Sales price

Secondly, a perk all consumers desire, lower costs. As mentioned above, MMJ cardholders have a different set of tax policies made for them. Taxation of marijuana for recreational purposes has significantly increased since it became legal, but it does not apply to medical marijuana. So a patient would be paying less in the long run compared to someone who uses cannabis recreationally.

It is perfect for regular users who will save up to thousands of dollars annually on tax money simply because they received an MMJ card and got access to dispensaries with low-cost medical products.

State-Sanctioned Legal protection

Thirdly, legal assistance. Even after legalization, there are strict criminal laws against certain situations of possession and cultivation of marijuana. However, the state protects an MMJ cardholder against these laws and can use cannabis to treat their medical condition without worrying about breaking the law.

Lower Restrictions

Another significant plus point is the increased amount of allowed cannabis. Recreational users are allowed to buy a limited amount of cannabis in a given period. The allowance is flexible for certified medical users, sometimes even double the average amount in some states.

Not only can you buy more weed with an MMJ card, but you can also possess products that have higher potency to help you improve your condition. As mentioned earlier, most medical products are highly potent compared to recreational ones and are only available to certified patients. So say you suffer from anxiety and want to purchase edibles to help you.

It will be more expensive to purchase recreational edibles because of taxes and since you will need to purchase more of them to feel the effect. Whereas if you certify yourself for the medical marijuana card, you will be able to buy a stronger product (less amount) for a lower, tax-reduced cost. A double benefit.

The Bottom Line:

There is no reason not to obtain a medical marijuana card since it is undoubtedly worth the trouble, and it will come in handy in the long run. Not to mention the process is now extremely easy and all online as well.

To find out if you qualify for marijuana use, visit Best Medical Card to get pre-qualified and apply for a medical marijuana card.

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