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If you have been prescribed a Sarasota medical marijuana card, you might be wondering how to use it. Best Medical Card professional marijuana doctor prescribes a specific marijuana dosage and method of administration based on your condition and desired results. Marijuana can be consumed in many ways depending on your preferences and abilities. For example, if you have severe nausea, swallowing medicines or eating edibles may be challenging. Smoking or vaping may not be an option if you require a high dosage or administer marijuana throughout the day.

Topical use of Marijuana

Topical treatments are frequently the best way to deliver marijuana for localized pain. You can apply a marijuana-infused cream or lotion directly to your skin. In addition to relieving pain almost instantly, the medication does not cause any side effects.

Smoking Marijuana

Many marijuana patients are already familiar with this traditional way of cannabis use. The dried leaves can be smoked in a pipe or rolled into little cigarettes. It is frequently the most pleasant method of administering marijuana, especially for cigarette smokers. When smoking medical marijuana, however, the dosage can be incorrect because you are inhaling smoke from one end while also exhaling smoke from the other. There are several places where smoking is prohibited, including your car, public place, etc.

Marijuana Vaping

Among cigarette and marijuana smokers, vaping is currently popular. It’s similar to smoking, but it necessitates the use of other instruments. Vaping, also known as vaporizing, delivers medicine that employs steam rather than smoke. Inhaling moist steam is less harsh on the lungs than smoking, and it’s also less hot. Hand-held vaporizers are around the size of a pack of cigarettes. There are also countertop vaporizers available that are not portable but offer temperature and dosage control.

Edible Marijuana

Edibles, such as pot brownies, aren’t new, but the industry has grown to include various ways to consume medicinal marijuana. Because marijuana goes through your digestive system before entering your bloodstream, the reaction time is somewhat slow when you ingest marijuana via edibles. As a result, edibles typically give a more concentrated and long-lasting dose of marijuana. However, it is wise to take your dose cautiously because controlling your dosage when using edibles can be tricky.


The active components of cannabis are transferred to the liquid substance by soaking it in an alcohol solution. By putting a few drops beneath your tongue, you can get an immediate benefit from these tinctures. Tinctures are a convenient and discreet way to take medical marijuana. However, since they are perishable, careful storage is required to maintain their longevity and effectiveness.

The Bottom Line:

While cannabis can alleviate some disease symptoms and medication side effects, it is not a cure in and of itself. For more information on cannabis’ potential to help you with your illness, you can talk to your healthcare provider or licensed physicians at Best Medical Card.

Doctors can recommend or certify the use of cannabis even if they cannot prescribe it.

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