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Marijuana for individuals over the age of 21 has been legalized in 16 states and Washington, DC since 2012. In addition, 37 states have legalized medicinal marijuana, indicating that most Americans have access to it, whether for medical or recreational purposes. Opponents of medical marijuana legalization, on the other hand, argue that it is an addictive narcotic that can lead to the use of stronger drugs.

The states decide on marijuana laws. Regardless of your sentiments on the subject, some states are pushing forward with marijuana legalization. Various jurisdictions allow doctors to prescribe medical-grade marijuana to patients suffering from seizures, nerve pain, glaucoma, or even cancer.

What’s fascinating about medical marijuana is the variety of ways it can be used. While most people think of marijuana as being smoked, it isn’t the only way to consume it. To assist individuals with their symptoms, pills, patches, sprays, oils, and lozenges are available.

Medical marijuana is legal in 39 states, including Florida, as of February 2021. However, only Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, and Wisconsin have legalized CBD oil for medical use.

States that allow medical marijuana use:

Medical marijuana is allowed in 13 countries throughout the world, including Australia, Poland, Germany, Israel, Italy, Greece, and selected states in the United States. The only states that have not authorized medical marijuana are Alabama, Idaho, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Wyoming.

According to a 2020 Gallup poll, 68 percent of Americans approve of marijuana legalization. Indeed, the House of Representatives passed legislation decriminalizing marijuana last year. Even though the bill failed to pass the Senate, numerous legislators have stated that they will continue to push for changes in marijuana policies.

Will Marijuana’s popularity increase further?

The ever-increasing popularity of marijuana is assisting in changing public perceptions of the plant in the United States, and this trend is expected to continue. In addition, the rising tendency is assisting in decriminalizing cannabis, transforming it from a serious risk to natural medicine. As marijuana legalization gains pace, there will undoubtedly be a shift in public perception of the drug’s use.

How do you get Medical Marijuana?

You need a written recommendation from a qualified physician to get medical marijuana in states where it is legal. (Not all doctors are comfortable recommending medical marijuana to their patients.) In addition, you must have a medical condition that allows you to use medical marijuana. Each state has its own set of requirements. Many State requires people to get their medical marijuana ID card. Once you have the medical marijuana card, you can buy medical marijuana from an online marijuana store or physical dispensary.

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